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Excerpt from "Hello Death" by Amy MacRae


" Hello, Death.

I don’t know why you’ve taken an interest in me. In fact, I don’t know why you take an interest in anyone in particular. I do acknowledge that you are a necessary part of living - a condition as part of our time on this earth. But sometimes you make really terrible choices. Do you even make choices? Is there any logic or reasoning to your work or do you just act without thinking? Perhaps just out of impulse or curiosity? “Hm, what would happen if I chose this person? How about I take this one over here? Or the petite one with the dark hair? Or the little girl with round, purple glasses?”

I see you now, your shadow. You peer out from behind MRI machines. I feel your presence with each pill I take. I know you’re not close, but I know you’re not far."

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