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Excerpt from "Dear Death" by Dee Westwood


"I was diagnosed at the age of 35 with Stage 2, Grade 3, triple negative ductal breast cancer on April Fool’s day, 2014. Surgery, followed by chemo and radiation was the course of action until a positive genetic result for BRCA2 the summer of 2015 started another series of, this time, prophylactic surgeries. Attending the young adult retreat with Callanish in 2016 was life-changing. Even now, months later, I am still digesting the fruits of the hard work we all did in that special place, and I, who grew up without sisters, now have many to add to my chosen family. I may never be able to properly articulate how just listening and being present, and being listened to and supported with laughter, tears, kindness, music, love, and great food, cracked my heart open even wider to allow more love in."

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