Callanish creates a healing space for people
who have been irrevocably changed by cancer. 

It inspires those who are living with and/or dying from cancer to reconnect with the essentials of life—and in doing so, to feel soothed, strengthened and restored. At the heart of Callanish is a weeklong retreat that provides a gentle catalyst for revitalizing the spirit. After more than 20 years and over 80 retreats, Callanish has evolved into a far-reaching community deeply rooted in the fundamentals of what it means to be human.


Here are some ways to get to know us.


The Film

The film "I'm Still Here" is one of many ways to become acquainted with our work.

Seasonal Retreats

Learn all about the retreat experience and contact us with any questions.



Vancouver Programs

Take a peek at our Vancouver home, and learn about local programs and services, including counselling, meditation groups and more.


We collaborate with healthcare teams and communities around the globe—designing and facilitating healing circles and ceremonies to address such issues as grief, loss, death and dying, and fear.

Here are some ways to join and support our work.


Tip a Wee Dram

It was a huge success! On May 6th, this annual whisky tasting fundraiser raised funds in support of Callanish. This year Al Jones and his Team Hope partnered with the Whisky Wisemen Society to take this much-loved event to the Vancouver Contemporary Art Gallery. It sold out in record time, fun was had, whiskey was tasted, and funds were raised! Stay tuned for the 2018 date! 


Healing Circles

Every month we offer two healing circles: a "support circle" for individuals living with cancer and their families/friends, and a "grief circle" for those mourning the loss of a loved one. Both are a safe space to connect and if desired share feelings and thoughts with others in similar circumstances. See full calendar for dates and times.

Community Initiatives

Learn about community initiatives you can take part in to support the work of Callanish. For example, last September, members of Cycling Team Callanish rode the 2016 Whistler Gran Fondo, raising $147,000 for Callanish, including $45,000 matching funds from the estate of Katherine J. Heller. Learn more about this initiative and others.

Online Donations

Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support. We rely primarily on the support of individual donors and foundations, and do not receive any government or corporate funding. Learn more.


We would love to talk or meet in person.