Introduction and music by Danielle Schroeder

photo by Dan Nguyen / click to enlarge

I wrote this song early on in my songwriting days. It is my attempt at expressing that indescribable feeling—in the most heartbreaking or devastating or unbearable times—when we choose to open our heart to the moment, rather than shut down or fight against it.

For me, this is when we open to life as it is, and connect to this human heart that has so much capacity to refuse nothing. I often sing this song in our Callanish circles, to honour the hard work we are all doing as we listen attentively, care for each other's tender hearts and strengthen each other's capacity to receive it all with love and compassion.

Danielle Schroeder is the Young Adult Program coordinator at Callanish, facilitating groups and providing counselling for young adults and their families. She is also a clinical counsellor and a restorative yoga teacher.