by Eva Matsuzaki

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He loved to jog.
It was his meditation
on pavement or earthen paths,
His favourite jog
was at sunrise on Maui.
And then the slow walk
back on the beach.

One morning on the empty beach
he met a large sea turtle,
perhaps just catching
some warm morning rays.
He bent down and had a chat
with Mrs., or Mr.?, Turtle.

“Are you sure this is a safe place?
The middle of the beach seems
vulnerable to prey, animal or human.”

After more chatting, persuading,
and perhaps nagging?,
Mrs. T. decided it was best
to waddle back to the sea.

He came back from his jog
full of excitement and pride.
Mrs.T. was safe for another day!

That was our last trip to Maui.
Within a year
he died of pancreatic cancer.
We spread his ashes in Maui waters,
certain he would happily continue
his conversation with Mrs.T.


Eva Matsuzaki is a past cancer patient, a past Callanish participant, a past retreat dishwasher, (so many pasts!), a current board member, an occasional blog writer, a gratitude card writer, (and so many futures!).