Being Grateful

by Sunny Rothschild

I am practicing being grateful.  I am told it can change your life—learning to appreciate what you have instead of comparing yourself to others and noticing all that you don’t have. As I sit here on the Great Lawn, as it is called, at VanDusen Gardens, in this group of Callanish writers, it is easy for me to feel grateful. 

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It is a magnificent day, blue sky dotted with wispy white clouds, a cool breeze from time to time, the warmth of the sun on my face. I am here, alive, healthy, happy. There are other times when it is not so easy, times when I feel alone, when all the failures of my life seem magnified, when I feel less than, damaged, unloved. Times when it’s hard for me to get out of bed in the morning, when I sit on my little blue sofa with the TV on, bored, uninspired, unable to move. 

So, I have decided to practice gratitude, to remind myself each day of all the ways in which I have been blessed, to remind myself that despite all that has happened—a difficult childhood, divorces and failed relationships, cancers and bad feet—I am still able to go to the gym and do yoga (even if I can’t do lunges or balance on one foot or flex my big toes). I am still able to buy organic food and taste ripe strawberries and cry at sad movies and smile at the adorable little designer tea-cup dogs with their fluffy tails curled along their backs as their owners walk on the seawall in front of my apartment. 

I have survived and I am grateful.

Sunny Rothschild participated in her first Callanish retreat in December of 2009 and since then she has been a Callanish Writer and a member of many Callanish circles. She is now a mostly retired lawyer, an active volunteer in her community and grateful for it all.