by Justine Greene

It was a beautiful, late spring, Vancouver day with a warmth in the air that still held a lingering cool from winter’s recent departure. I had nothing to do and nowhere to go, so I jumped on my bike, sporting a flowing skirt and goofy, big sunglasses. With my hair blowing in the wind, I headed west and ended up at Science World in the midst of a dragon boat regatta. 

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Everyone was outside and everyone seemed happy! The colours were alive, baby strollers were everywhere, and dogs were walking their owners. 

When I go off on adventures like this, I usually take along something for inspiration—paints, music, a journal or bubbles. That day I chose my two-foot wand for making bubbles. There are a few things in this world that lift my soul, ignite my spirit and open my heart instantaneously, and bubbles are one of those things! 

I stopped my bike at a corner notch in the seawall, and positioned my back against the railing. I took out my wand and lifted my arm straight into the air. No blowing was necessary, as the subtle breeze off the water did the job perfectly. Hey presto, magic was in the air! A few dips and my entire view was full of a rainbow of coloured bubbles, all different sizes, floating in all different directions—no two the same. 

The reaction of the people around me was perfection. Some people reached to pop the bubbles and some giggled with childish joy. Kids jumped into the air, and many people gave me a knowing nod of thanks. 

Just then a young man walked by. He wore a less than spring-like outfit, dressed all in black, with many visible tattoos and piercings, and held a bulldog with a spiked collar on a leash. He looked tough and grumpy. He caught my eye, and with the excitement of a three-year-old girl, he shouted out, “BUBBLES!!!!!” I burst into tears of joy and surprised myself by throwing my arms around him. 

Just as I was recoiling from my outburst, he gently whispered in my ear, “thank you.”

‘Mission Inspiration’ accomplished! I was complete. I was content and present, full of peace and joy!


Justine Greene is our Wizard of Operations. Bringing her clarity of mind and warm heart to each day, Justine ensures flow in the day-to-day running of the organization, while infusing the vision with her extensive background in nonprofit leadership.