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Excerpt from "Words from Danielle" by Danielle Schroeder


"My mother, Barbara, was diagnosed with colon cancer on my 20th birthday. I vividly remember the two of us having lunch together trying to celebrate my birthday but doing so with this undertone of uncertainty and fear lingering between us. A year and a half later my mother died of colon cancer. She was 51 years old. Over 16 years since my mother’s death, I still  nd myself drifting back in time remembering special moments with her. Certain memories in particular are as clear as though they happened just yesterday. I love that about memories, they are such incredible tools that we carry with us all the time that help us maintain a continuing bond with our loved ones which binds us from past to present and into the future. I know for me, especially in the  rst few years after my mom died, without these memories I worried that she would become this distant  gure who ‘once upon a time’ was part of my life."

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