by Sister Kathy Scott

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I woke to the sound of the wind in the trees,

calling to me... softly speaking of life.

Drawn by the beckoning sound,

I opened my eyes to a majestic evergreen

outside my open window.

"Come closer," I heard.

Two huge branches shared with me

the gentle rhythm of bobbing up and down,

up and down with the wind.

rising and falling...

in and out...

My tree was breathing!

Tears came.

The invitation was clear.

My tree was breathing,

not working at it,

not figuring it out,

not really doing anything at all,

but being a glorious creation.


Perhaps really living deeply is that simple after all.

Sister Kathy Scott, rc, A Sister of the Cenacle who gives retreats internationally.  I lived in beautiful Vancouver from 1995 to 2008 and am presently missioned in New York. I made my Callanish Retreat in 2002 in glorious Tofino and my life was changed by the gentle compassion and healing kindness of the Callanish Team and my retreat group.  Returning to Callanish after 11 years has been a gift and I am already dreaming of how I can return again!