Another Birthday

by Casey Wolf

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I don’t want one more birthday

I want a thousand

ten thousand

I want to live so long and so well

that all my fears die of old age

and I wait my stiffness out

outlast all infirmity

lose interest in whether I’m

remembering right or not

tire my fatigue

bore my hesitation

give flight to every

impulse toward life I ever have

and spend my days protecting insects

nurturing plants

feeding   giving water

giving shelter and a sense that is

the absence of all panic

to birds   and rats   and dogs

I want to live so long my crusts

crack and split and fall away

till I respond with tenderness to those

as brittle as that near-forgotten me

Casey Wolf was lucky to attend a Callanish retreat before her cancer treatment, and the support she received changed her experience of cancer dramatically--as well as that of close friends and family who have had cancer since then. She regularly attends Callanish writing circles, and her heart is a softer, happier place through knowing the people there